Pilates workout DVDs for beginners

It’s fair to say that Pilates can be done on any flat surface using a Pilates mat making it an ideal choice for those who want to workout at home. Many Pilates beginners are unsure what it takes to start exercising with Pilates, particularly if they are choosing Pilates workouts at home.

So, here’s the first tip if you feel more comfortable practising Pilates at home. Always look out for a Pilates DVD that includes an explanation of the basic principals as you work through the exercises. There are many top picks explaining the principles of Pilates, Pilates for dummies is one such DVD that’s perfect for Pilates workouts at home.

Next make sure if you’re a beginner your chosen DVD has structured levels; by this we mean beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Know your time commitment for workouts; can you devote 10 minutes in a day or an hour? Choose a DVD that allows you to mix and match to create the ideal Pilates workout for you.

Another important factor from your DVDs is clear instructions and explanations for the techniques used in each move, with modifications for each move for beginners or less flexible people.

Mari Winsor Pilates DVD is an excellent workout for beginners or intermediate as you can go as fast or as slow as you want. Mari gives a lot of explanation to each of the moves (she instructs but does not do the exercises herself) making her DVD ideal for beginner or intermediate.

No matter what Pilates DVDs you pick, make sure you’re having fun as it’s easy to get bored; work between 2-3 DVDs to keep it interesting and to that end we’ve put together a selection of some of the best Pilates DVDs to help you make the right choice as you don’t want them gathering dust on the shelf.


10 Minute Solution - Pilates for Beginners

A great Pilates DVD for people who struggle with time; Lara Hudson's 10 minute sessions seem to fly by, with Lara giving clear instructions as she moves you through the exercises smoothly. There are a broad range of exercises (Core basics, Lower Body Basics, Upper Body Basics, Total Body Combo and Long and Limber Stretch). You will need a workout mat plus some weights with some of the exercises. The other plus with this DVD is that you can spend 10 minutes on each exercise, or you can mix & match, or you can do the whole lot in 50 minutes whatever fits into your schedule. This Pilates DVD is both relaxing and challenging and you really won’t have time to get bored. >> Shop amazon


Pilates Workout for Dummies

An easy to follow Pilates DVD with a good introductory level Pilates session on posture, breathing and terminology which for a beginner is essential. The programme lasts for 30mins and extremely easy to follow, at the same time the instructor gives a clear explanation and makes the workout interesting. There are options given on some of the exercises to make them easier (if you are less supple) or more challenging. Ideal for the beginner as it does what it says on the tin! >> Shop amazon


Gaiam - Pilates for Beginners

This is excellent for the beginner, Pilates trainer Jillian Hessel begins with the Pilates fundamentals so you are fully up to speed on the basics. This DVD has three levels of classic matwork and you’ll find these lessons as you work through not to hard or to pressurised. Another good point is the instructor includes beginner’s modifications to allow you to work at your own pace. A great value Pilates DVD to learn the basics. >> Shop amazon




Darcey Bussell Pilates for Life

A very inspiring DVD beautiful to watch as you would expect from Darcey. Well set out into sections so you can mix and match with warm up and warm down sessions; a short workout and a main workout section. There are six mini sections targeting specific areas which you can do all at once; or you can pick and choose which area of your body you want to target. Darcey’s down to earth approach clearly explains the exercises and gives you time to learn the movements before moving on; calming classical music as you perform the exercises leaving you feeling deeply relaxed. Highly recommended for Pilates beginners. >> Shop amazon


Mari Winsor Pilates

You will absolutely love this DVD if you’re looking for toned abs with a lean, sculpted Pilates body. As a beginner, this is a fantastic tool for starting a Winsor Pilates routine; Mari thoroughly explains the correct form for each move and emphasizes form throughout. Following this DVD you are shown exercises done by adept Pilates users, as well as modified exercises for beginners. You can go as fast or as slow as you want with two classes to choose from 25 minutes-55 minutes, with the first class being a shorten version of the second 55 minute class. Mari Winsor gives you a fantastic total-body workout. Highly recommend. >> Shop amazon


Pilates Weekly Workout

Recommended for beginners and older people; this DVD is a must for the beginner as understanding the principles to Pilates is as important as the exercises themselves. You have three 25 minute workouts, divided into 37 different exercises and they are easy to follow. Lynne Robinson gives clear instructions, explains moves clearly and reminds you of the correct posture and breathing. Lynne also tells you which exercises to avoid if you have any injuries. This is a great Pilates DVD for those who are keen to try Pilates for the first time at home. >> Shop amazon


Pilates - Beginning Mat Workout

A must for any Pilates beginner wanting to start with mat workouts. A word of caution, anybody with mobility issues might find this programme not entirely for them as all exercises are performed whilst sitting or lying down on the mat. But that said provided you are able to get down to the floor and up again safely you will be fine with the exercises. This DVD focuses a lot on the breathing techniques used in Pilates; with the main routine lasting 20 minutes. Exercises are easy to follow and include the 100, spine stretch, rolling like a ball and the leg stretch. A good Pilates DVD for people starting off. >> Shop Amazon



































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