Choosing the best aerobic trainers and exercise shoes for your sport


Whatever your fitness level investing in the proper footwear is a must. But do youbest-exercise-shoes-for-workout choose your fitness shoes to match your outfit or maybe your jeans? Do you wear them outside of your fitness regime?

Some of us mistakenly wear our casual trainers or simply don’t consider the best exercise shoes that are needed depending upon the exercise, workout or sport we’re doing.

Not choosing the correct exercise footwear can lead to serious injury. Why you may ask? The reason is that your footwear does not give the comfort, multi directional support and stability needed dependent upon the activity we have chosen.

Enhance your exercise workout

To help those of you that aren’t ditching your gym membership or thinking about exercising at home; or perhaps starting your exercise regime, here's some general information on how to choose the best exercise shoes that can really enhance your exercise workouts, and help burn off the calories.

This doesn’t mean spending a fortune, just a little more time making sure you get the right fitness footwear for you and the type of exercise you’ll be doing.

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Court-Racquet Sports Shoes

Racquet sports such as tennis, netball, badminton or squash involve a lot of side to side movement so nike_city_court_vii_womens_tennis_shoeit’s important to choose sports shoes designed for that purpose. These sports shoes need cushioning and lateral stability supporting the ankles. Racquet sports shoes also have relatively firm flat soles, as raised heels make the back part of the foot less stable.

When playing tennis you are involved in quick lateral movements which canadidas_womens_bercuda_2_tennis_shoes result in sprained ankles if wearing the wrong sports shoes. To minimize the risk of a lower limb injury whilst playing racquet sports always buy shoes specifically designed for such activities. Another point to consider is the playing surface, shoes for racquet sports are now becoming surface-specific, designed for clay surfaces, as well as asphalt surfaces or grass courts.


What to look for in women’s aerobic training shoes

In any aerobic workout at home or in an aerobic class, you can encompass a wide range of activities from low intensity to high intensity exercises. So you will want a shoe with good stability, flexibility and cushioning and above all properly fitting shoes. To take you from activity to activity such as step aerobics, exercise bikes, cross trainers, treadmills, skipping or other dance related aerobic exercises.

If we think about the flexibility needed in a aerobic shoe; the shoe needs to have good shock absorption under the heel, firm in the arch area and flexible across the ball of the foot. A good aerobics shoe will have all these features to give the comfort, flexibility and support that are needed in aerobics.

Next comes support and stability with the shoe; the heel counter (this is the back of the shoe) should be solid and stiff. Look for a shoe with a combination of leather and nylon mesh this will provide more lateral support.

Finally shock absorption is critical for weight-bearing exercises/workouts. Choose an aerobic shoe with padding and a smooth well cushioned insole as many aerobic activities involve constant jumping and bouncing that can cause massive shock to joints such as the knees and ankles.

What to look for in cross trainers

The key features of cross-training shoes are they are constructed with multi-purpose outsoles (bottom) which are wide and stable plus they are fairly durable to allow them to go from gym to studio classes,  street (power walking) to racquet sports or if you want, everyday use. Now although crossglagla_classic_womens_exercise_shoe trainers meet the requirement for a wide range of activites running is not one of them.

Another key feature in the construction of cross trainers is you tend to get a moderate amount of cushioning at the heel and forefoot, this enhances the shoes overall stability. We've included a small selection of women's crosstraining shoes to wear whether your activity includes aerobics, step aerobics, treadmill, running or walking for exercise. Starting with Gola Alvord Fitness Trainer - New Balance 1012 cross trainer - Adidas Ariannna II cross trainer

Dance fitness

Dance has long been associated with fitness, watch the dancers in a class or on the TV and your probably have noticed how sweaty they are. It’s no easy task putting this type of fitness into your regime as your incorporating aerobics, muscular and flexibility.

To maximize your dance fitness routines for cardiovascular exercise plus enjoy high energy, motivating music and a heightened sense of rhythm you need to "feel" the moves.

Choosing the best dance fitness shoes depends on our physical abilities and for some of us our sense of style. The wrong choice could lead to discomfort, and worst still injury. One example to choosing the correct dance fitness shoes is grip by this we mean “type of grip” because the last thing you want is your foot sticking to the floor in a spinning or sliding movement in your routine.

Choosing the right shoe can be tricky, but we hope that the information contained in the best dance fitness shoes for women will help you make the right choice whether your dance workout is zumba, salsa or hip-hop don’t forget as with any exercise you only get out what you put in.


Yoga or Pilates footwear


If you’re going to focus on your physical and mental wellbeing by practicing Yoga or Pilates, footwear strictly speaking it's not necessary pilates is traditionally practiced without shoes.

Pilates should work the intrinsic muscles of the feet so it’s important to be able to curl your toes and dancedirect_foot_thongsarches, flex your toes back and in addition to this feel the floor and apparatus.


Now although going barefoot is good for movement and correct foot placement, your feet can be cold in a studio setting, there could also be a hygiene issue. So what are your options?

You could try wearing socks, but these can cause you to slip on some apparatus or even on the floor surface you exercise on. If you need grip and a little barefoot protection DanceDirect foot thongs may be just the thing for you. Capezio's new full body footundeez with barely there design gives you added protection and arch support.

But if you are thinking about wearing socks try ToeSox with their patented non-slip grip ideal for yoga, Pilates, dance. Their design allows your toes to spread naturally as you exercise.

Minimalist footwear

vibram-five-fingers-exercise-shoeFor the minimalist approach there are the Vibram Five Fingers shoes, they have the grip and flexibility, needed to accomplish the more difficult positions and moves of Pilates and Yoga.

Minimalist footwear lets you imitate barefoot when working out while protecting your feet from the hazards of hitting bare ground. But building up too quickly with any new workout can leave you prone to injury—barefoot shoes included.

Without sufficient ankle stabilization, you could be setting yourself up for injury particularly in this type of minimalist shoe. So you'll best choosing a weekly exercise programme in the early stages to help strengthen the ankles and stretch the calf muscles.

Ballet shoes are another option for those who need more support. Ballet shoes give flexible soles and non-restrictive ankles; they may provide some slip resistance but try them out first. You can also buy Pilates shoes specifically designed for freedom of movement.















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